Cogito Training Academy

Learn from the Professionals

Cogito Training Academy is a platform where the interplay of knowledge and execution of events are taught . It is a structured academy that allows for beyond the class room training where students are taught the essentials of events from product knowledge to strength and market segmentation. It is an initiative that seeks to empower potential event enthusiast into a life driven by passion, dedication and excellence.

The academy takes place on a quarterly basis where the participants are taught from the rich Cogito curriculum that covers a broad spectrum of the business and the life of events as well for example part of the curriculum examines what is referred to as the "hardware" and the "software" of events. There also exist another course called "Event beyond the Money". An Event Management Training session will begin soon. Interested persons should complete and submit the application form and await confirmation. We would inform you if you have been admitted or not. More details will be sent to you.

The Cogito Training Academy has a small class structure that allows the student and the teachers have an interaction that would never have being possible in a large class system . Admission is therefore not a straight walk in the park, selected participants must demonstrate a genuine determination to have the training impact them.Participants who distinguish themselves have an opportunity of an internship programme with Cogito Ergo Sum Limited and a possible employment opportunity awaits the most distinguished participant.

The faculty has the delight of having within it, seasoned individuals who have being in the industry cumulatively about thirty years and whose unique style of impacting knowledge every applicant and participant will forever be glad they did!If you are interested in attending this quarter or any of the quarters in the year please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , a confirmatory Text message should be sent to 07044468601-(SMS Only) ,that you have sent in your Mail . Your email must contain a personal biography of yourself and what you expect the training to achieve in your life and career with your contact details to let you know if you have being selected.The academy reserves the exclusive right and final decision with regards to admission of participants.